-  First aid for pets

Primeiros socorros para pets



Cats and Human Healt

Owning a pet is one of life’s pleasures that is positively good for children and adults alike. Pet owners have a reduced risk of heart disease and may be less prone to other illnesses - on average they visit the doctor less. Stroking a cat helps with relaxation and stress and pets help children to learn caring and nurturing skills.

However, people are sometimes worried that they may pick up illnesses from pets. This does not happen very often, and the chances of catching an infection from a pet can be greatly reduced by taking a few simple measures. Teach children to wash their hands after handling animals, or after playing on ground where animals have been - adults should do the same.


"O animal é o sub-proletário mais explordo da face da terra. Ele é utilizado em todos os setores: companhia, consumo, medicina, pesquisa científica, tradição, lazer. Animal usado, maltratado, explorado, martirizado..."

“L'animal est le sous-prolétariat le plus exploité de la Terre. L'animal est utilisé dans tous les domaines ...”

“Animal is the sub-proletariat  most exploited in earth surface, it is used in all sectors, company, consume,medicine, science researches, tradiction, leisure. Animal, used, abused, exploited, martirized…”

Alfred Kastler

Prêmio Nobel de Física e Presidente da Liga Francesa pelos direitos dos Animais

Nobel Prize in Phisician, French League for Animal Rights President

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